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Welcome to Harrison Intermediate

Welcome to Harrison Intermediate, proudly serving grades 5-6 in Wylie ISD. Our school is dedicated to creating a welcoming home for all students, staff and families through intentional relationship-building. As one of the original buildings in the district, we take pride in serving and continuing the proud legacy of Wylie ISD. At Harrison Intermediate, we blend tradition with innovation, fostering a supportive and enriching environment where students can thrive academically and personally.

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Harrison Intermediate students and staff are truly remarkable, and we take pride in highlighting their accomplishments and achievements. Read the great news happening in our school and district.

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Learn what students, staff, families, and community members love most about Harrison Intermediate and Wylie ISD and the positive impact our district has made on their lives.

  • Community Member
Dawn Martin
I am the parent of former students of Wylie ISD. The love and care I felt when my husband passed in 2016 was special. At his funeral, my extended family couldn't believe the superintendent, administration, teachers, and students were there to say their goodbyes to Ricky.
Tate had just started junior high when his dad passed away. I am so thankful that he had the administrators that he did at Burnett Jr. High. Ryan Bickley, Michelle Lindsay, Justin Mork, and Heather Smyder are my angels and were a complete godsend. I couldn't have made it through that school year if it wasn't for them.
Mr. Cravens and Mrs. Jurotich were also instrumental in being there for Tate. As a community, we are so blessed to have these people investing in our children.
Dawn Martin


  • Parent
Monica Muñoz
We are a family with 3 children who are currently entering their 13th year with Wylie ISD. As parents, we are active, involved, and invested in this school district beyond our own children and family and we have had nothing less than the best experiences.
Starting in elementary, where all 3 of our children were afforded the opportunity to participate in the Dual Language program, they had some of the best, top-notch and caring teachers. Two of our three children have been identified as GT and the other was identified with Visual Processing Disorder and memory span. The support for these programs alone has been stellar.
Our 3 also have had the opportunity to take advantage of additional programs including Band, Theatre, and Cheer.
Monica Munoz


  • Parent
Amanda Regalado
I would like to sing the highest praises for four extraordinary teachers my kids had last year: First and second, Mrs. Jill Palomino & Mrs. Catey Marcom changed my child's life this year. The care, kindness, understanding, and love these two showed my kiddo brought out the best in her. She went from struggling in school to all As and Bs - and most importantly she loved school for the very first time.
Third, Mr. Quincy Riley at Harrison goes above and beyond for his students in so many ways. The care he takes to make sure they feel heard & understood is rare and beautiful.
Fourth, Mr. Davis Ponjuan at Harrison has made band such a fun and inspiring experience for my new instrumentalist. The joy and community he creates in his class is amazing and exemplary!
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  • Parent
Shannon Webb
We have loved raising our kids in Wylie and within Wylie ISD.
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  • Parent
Mrs. Katy Parish
Angel Alvarado, the 5th-grade dual language social studies teacher, embodies the very best of our district. As one of the few male teachers in the program, he instantly connects with all students, especially boys, serving as a vital role model during their formative years. His twice-weekly soccer club provides a productive outlet for energy & fosters lasting friendships - he even comes to his students' games on weekends. His bilingualism creates a welcoming space for new, native Spanish-speaking students, nurturing a sense of belonging as soon as they come to Harrison. His impact extends far beyond the classroom, leaving an indelible mark on countless lives. Mr. Alvarado is truly one of the finest assets of our school district.
Katy Parish


  • Staff Member
Taslim Chaudhury

My family and I love being a part of the Wylie ISD family. We have two kids who are attending Wylie ISD schools, and they are getting a quality education that prepares them for college and beyond. As an ISS Administrator at Burnett Junior High, I work with amazing teachers and staff who create a positive and supportive learning environment for the students.

My wife is a board member of the Wylie East Booster, and she supports the Pride of the East band program that fosters creativity and teamwork among the students. Wylie ISD is more than a school district, it's a community that values diversity, innovation, and excellence.

Taslim Chaudhury